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Adventure Modules 1st Edition provide a setting in one locality and a variety of specific ready-to-run adventures based on that area. Merp for sale. The ad has been successfully added to your favourites. His wife Mathilde is very flustered. Learn More - opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Manufacturer: I. Product number.

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Northwestern Middle-Earth Gazetteer

Thorntyr has long blond hair and a full beard. His right eye has been gouged out and continues to bleed, while his. They have little interest in the arts and sciences of the surface world, but do care about money and other items they can barter for resources with.

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The average Fomorian survives by cultivating fungal gardens, hunting feral dogs and cats, and stealing from humans. They are not averse to eating the. It is up to you to manage those specific details: which encounters to present to the players and exactly which order to present them in. It may be handy to keep the various lists of grim portents all in one place and.

Knifesbridge itself, recruiting more members and collecting taxes, tariffs, and tolls on behalf of the mayor. Download sample. Dare you pass across these wetlands in the shadow of Mordor? Explore the underground paths where Aragorn gathered his army of Undead! This adventure supplement details the vales of the White Mountains where the ghosts of the Oath-breakers haunt the land.

For those who dare there are layouts of the paths themselves. Also included are a full-color map of the Vale of Erech and plans for the fortress of Morthondost. The Hillmen once ruled Rhudaur and were later allied with Angmar and its evil Witch-king. This action package features numerous adventures in the Trollsnaws and includes layouts of the settlement and stronghold at Cameth Brin. Search through the haunted tombs of the fallen Edain kings and the Princes of Cardolan. Bree includes NPC charts, herb lists, adventure guidelines, and 6 pages of full-color layouts!

The modules provide detailed information on specific adventure sites such as castles, towers, villages and lairs. Each has over 30 pages of text, layouts and maps, insuring quick set up and play. This adventure supplement describes the dangerous pass leading into the evil land of Mordor.

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Layouts of the Tower of Cirith Ungol and full-color maps of the region are featured. Soar with the Great- eagles, battle the giants of the Misty Mountains, or stroll the streets of Maethelburg, market place of the upper Anduin. Face marauding Trolls that are terrorizing this area of the East -wood.

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Help explore a proposed route between 2 isolated border keeps. Adventure within a dangerous gorge, well concealed in the East-wood! These adventures can be played through in one or two evenings. Face a vengeful phantom, a monstrous intruder and a rampaging Fire-drake! An ancient Watch-tower, a dark cliff village, and an eerie stone ring on a windswept peak, 3 haunted ruins! Each of these features 3 adventures w hich set up in minutes and can be played in one or two evenings. They include pre-generated characters so that little or no preparation is needed! It includes a wide range of technologies - from tomorrow to the far future - and is easily unified with Rolemaster for cohesive Science-Fantasy adventure!

Space Master covers professions, races and cultures, settings, Starship construction, personal and vehicular combat, and much more! The challenge of the future awaits! Face interstellar terrorism, deep space piracy and the unrelenting attack of a rival House! This campaign module details an Inner Province of the Terran Empire.

Download E-books Isengard and Northern Gondor (MERP ICE #2800) PDF

Included are 4 adventures, chance encounter charts, general histories, and 2 full-color starmaps! Future Law features flexible professions, data on alien races, and rules for creating cultures of differing and mixed technologies. Create a sci-fi character based on realistic skills and traits! Featured are weapons and equipment for a variety of technologies, vehicles and robots, as well as notes on custom designing starships and androids.

The simple yet realistic starship combat system provides swashbuckling action in outer space!

Experience the danger and intrigue of an Outstation crawling with thieves, smugglers, and Imperial spies! Included are 16 pre-generated player characters, details on non-player characters and 3 ready-to-run action-packed adventures. Lost Telepaths comes complete with supplemental histories of the Empire and the Kashmere Commonwealth, game- master aids, and plenty of action-packed adven- tures.

Explore an ancient tomb, mastermind a gun run, outwit warship hijackers! Here are new races and professions, new weapons arid vehicles, more Psion lists, and much more! Play your favorite comic book hero, or create your own!

Middle-earth Role Playing

map of NORTHERN GONDOR • Full-color cutaway view and floor plan of . Stimulation of the creative processes is the goal, and ICE does not intend. By Christian Gehman. Includes full-color quarter map of NORTHERN GONDOR, full-color cutaway view and flooring plan of ORTHANC.

The character generation system lets you design your heroes the way you want them. The combat system is easy to learn and play. Also covered are skills, powers, disadvantages, weapons, and guidelines on campaigning. Champions, live the adventure! The rules additions include: a base and vehicle building system, plenty of new skills and powers, an instant encounter system and much more! It also includes tips on running a good campaign. Champions II makes a great game even better!

Champions III covers an instant villain generation system, solo play, a danger room generator and more! Also featured are new powers and new power advantages plus more notes on campaigning.

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Champions III is a must for serious gamers! Each villain is fully illustrated and comes with a complete profile, method of operation and game statistics. No Champions player should be without Enemies! Here are some of the roughest customers a hero will ever encounter! Each is illustrated and comes with powers, skills, and disadvantages. Here are 27 villains to be used as villain group fillers, throwaway encounters, or as the basis for world threatening campaigns.

Victory Isengard

Each is illustrated and comes with background information and complete game stats. Look out heroes, here comes another batch of Enemies! With the easy to use character design system, your only limit is your imagination.