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The Microsoft Expression Web Developer’s Guide to ASP.NET 3.5
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NET page. Open your text editor Notepad is fine. If you have software that creates ASP. NET pages automatically, such as Visual Studio.

1st Edition

NET works. So, open your text editor, and create a new file named FirstPage. Start editing FirstPage. So far, so good, right?

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  2. Description.
  3. Understanding the front and back end.

NET code that will create the dynamic elements of the page, starting with the time. This is a special tag that lets us insert dynamic content into the page. The asp: part of the tag name identifies it as a built-in ASP. NET tag. NET to replace this particular tag with the current time. To do this, we must add some script to our page. NET gives you the choice of a number of different languages to use in your scripts. The two most common languages are VB and C.

Understanding the front and back end

Both versions of the page achieve exactly the same thing. You can even save them both, giving each a different filename, and test them separately. Whether you load the C version or the VB version, the output should look like Figure 1. No Time? Because ASP. This tag marks the start of server-side code, or the code declaration block.

Programming languages

NET know that the tag should be processed before sending the page to the browser. For now, all you need to know is that you can write script fragments that are run in response to different events, such as a button being clicked or an item being selected from a drop-down list.

What the first line of code basically says is, "execute the following script whenever the page is loaded. As you can see, these. In fact, the only difference between the ways the two languages handle the above line is that C ends lines of code with a semicolon ;.

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So, timeLabel. Text , or the Tex property of timeLabel , refers to the text that will be displayed by the tag. NET Framework; it lets you perform all sorts of useful functions with dates and times. NET Framework has thousands of these classes, which do countless handy things. The classes are collectively known as the.

The DateTime class has a property called Now , which returns the current date and time. This Now property has a method called ToString , which expresses that date and time as text a segment of text is called a string in programming circles. For now, all you need to take away from this discussion is that DateTime.

Guide - Web Programming with F#

The rest of the script block simply ties up loose ends:. NET generated for you. The answer is easy to find!

Web Testing Frameworks Web Developer's Guide provides information to make use of Microsoft's newest Web development platform. is a revolutionary programming. Help. Cover for C#.NET Web Developer's Guide .. is a more robust way to bring applications to the Web. With, it is possible to create.

Notice that all the ASP. NET code has gone! All the ASP. So far, so good: the example above was fairly simple. The next chapter will get a bit more challenging as we investigate some valuable programming concepts. As you develop ASP. NET web applications, you will undoubtedly have questions that need answers, and problems that need to be solved. Web Developer's Guide - Syngress - Google книги

The ASP. NET community to answer the questions and solve the problems that developers encounter while using ASP. The support web site provides useful information, such as news, downloads, articles, and discussion forums.

You can also ask questions of the experienced community members in the SitePoint Forums. In this chapter, you learned about. You also learned of the benefits of ASP. First, you learned about the components of ASP. NET and how to locate and install the. The next chapter will build on this knowledge as we begin to introduce you to ASP. NET in more detail, covering page structure, the languages that you can use, various programming concepts, and the finer points of form processing.

NET is, and what it can do. NET at more advanced levels. But before you can begin to develop applications with ASP. NET page, specifically:. NET applications. So, what exactly makes up an ASP. NET page? The next few sections will give you an in-depth understanding of the constructs of a typical ASP. NET pages are simply text files that have the. When a client requests an ASP.

NET class. Each subsequent request for this page avoids the compilation process: the. NET platform.

Programmers who are expert in asp and other languages will find this book invaluable. This book will appeal to all web developers - regardless of what language they are using or what platform they will be using. Net Web Developer's Guide.

Developer’s Guide

Comprehensive Coverage of the Entire. Properties in the Trace. Advanced Options for the Guestbook Interface. Web Developer's Guide (With CD-ROM)

Using Application Events. Optimizing Caching Methods. Supported Connectivity. Brands and product names mentioned in this book are trademarks or service marks of their respective companies. All rights reserved.

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