Executable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture

Executable UML - A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture
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View Marc Balcer's profile. In his career, Marc has taught many software teams and their companies how to leverage advanced modeling techniques to increase the efficiency and quality of their software development practices. He consistently seeks out opportunities for automation in the development process, developing tools to transform information captured during requirements and analysis into executable code and productive test suites.

Throughout his entire career, he has infused his instruction with his insights as an expert modeler and business process designer.

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He has taught many complex organizations how to leverage the efficiencies of model-based computing and automation combined with Agile software practices. Marc also brings an extensive competency in cloud computing technologies to clients. His continuous engagement with current technology and real-time innovation make a frequently requested speaker, instructor, and consultant. Marc Balcer Background Marc Balcer is a software architect, author, and teacher who has made a career of creating better specifications and turning them into powerful systems and productive tests.

Unified Modeling Language Specification - Version 1. Marc J. Platform Independent Action Language - Version 2. Flattening Subtype-Supertype Hierarchies.

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Code Generation Conference. Manual and Automatic Numbering. Subsystem Relationship Model Notation. Subsystem Communication Model Notation. Object Information Model Notation. Loop Dependent Relationships.

Attribute Classification. This technology is taking off, and the basic elements are already established. Get ahead of the learning curve. We assume you have an intuitive understanding of the goals behind UML, but nothing more. We will show you all the elements you need to build an executable UML model. If you want to garner the benefits of executable UML, then you'll have to learn the elements that make it up. Focus on the definitions we use and the chapters that show how to build and execute models. Skip the notational stuff.

Be prepared to unlearn some UML and some habits of mind induced by UML that is required to model software structure, but not required to specify an executable model. We don't need them for Executable UML. UML enables you to model software structure but that's not our purpose here so those adornments, and many others, are not in our profile. Both focus on execution and specification of an abstract solution, not on specifying software structure.

A lot can happen in this industry in ten weeks, let alone the ten years since the publication of Object Lifecycles. First of all, of course, we all now use UML notation and vocabulary. Resistance was futile. Executable UML takes a more object-oriented perspective, no longer requiring identifiers or referential attributes, or other traces of Shlaer-Mellor's relational roots.

The addition of an action language that conforms to the UML is a major step forward. We hope the action language, and the very concept of an executable and translatable UML may one day be seen as a significant contribution of the Shlaer-Mellor community.

Moka – A simulation platform for Papyrus based on executable UML

And finally, progress in tools makes certain conventions, such as event numbering, less critical to model understanding, though they are still helpful in keeping our minds clear. All of the examples in this book were developed using Project Technology's tool, BridgePoint. There are two main differences. First, compiling models produces the whole system, not just interfaces or frameworks. Secondly, there are many different model compilers available to buy, and even more that can be built, to meet exacting software architecture needs.

Executable UML has also been used in lease-origination, web-enabled executive reporting, and intermodal transportation logistics systems. Because we had nothing better to do? No: There are lots of books out there that tell you about UML notation, but few of them focus attention on the subset you need for executability. Many books use UML to describe software structure. We explicitly spurn this usage. Click below to download the Index file related to this title: Index.

Get unlimited day access to over 30, books about UX design, leadership, project management, teams, agile development, analytics, core programming, and so much more. Model-Based Development: Applications. Add To My Wish List. Mellor , Marc J.

Executable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture

The book is full of tips and techniques to help you: Partition a system into subject matters based on individual aspects Pick the right level for use case modeling to speed subject matter comprehension Model classes and focus on relationships to capture subject matter semantics precisely Express behavior using the newly adopted UML action semantics and action languages Specify constraints using tags specified in OCL Object Constraint Language In addition, this book tackles topics of particular importance in execution, such as how to: Synchronize objects by building lifecycles using statechart diagrams Model relationships and contention safely Distribute dynamics to avoid unmaintainable controller objects Verify the models by executing test cases against the statechart diagrams and constraints A large-scale, fully developed case study runs throughout the book to illustrate concepts and techniques.

Executable UML. Making UML Executable. Model Compilers. Model-Driven Architecture. Using Executable UML. The System Model. Domain Identification. Use Cases. Iterating the System Model. Modeling a Single Domain.

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Multiple Associations. Executable UML is a major innovation in the field of software development. Finding Classes. In he began his collaboration with Stephen J. Content Types text Carrier Types online resource volume Physical Description xxxiv, pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.

State Machines. Iterating the Domain Models. Iterating between System and Domain Modeling. Verification and Execution. Model Verification. Model Compilation. Iterating Verification and Execution. The Big Picture. Domains and Bridges. Domain Missions. Domain Autonomy. Domain Replacement. Domains and Requirements.

Aspects and Join Points. Domains and Aspects. Basics of Use Cases. External Signals.

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Working with Use Cases. Single-Domain Use Cases. Levels of Use Cases. Applying Use Cases. Activity Diagrams. Formalizing Use Cases.

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Executable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture [Stephen J. Mellor, Marc J. Balcer] on clesribacondown.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eventually, we settled instead on Executable UML: A Foundation for Model- Driven Architecture. This title is snappier, but it's not fully buzzword-compliant, nor is.

Linked Use Cases. Scenarios and Testing. System Modeling. Classes and Attributes. Finding Classes.

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Naming Classes. Finding Attributes. Attribute Data Types. Core Data Types. Domain-Specific Data Types. Using Types.