Principles and Applications of Microearthquake Networks

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Bartz, J. Baumann, H.

CN86107762A - 对天然及人工诱发地震活动性的预测(报)观测和对工程设施的预防性保护方法 - Google Patents

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In order to implement a nuclear test ban treaty in the late s, exten- sive seismological research in detecting nuclear explosions and in dis- criminating them from earthquakes at teleseismic distances was carried out with support from various governments. This finding supports our choice to mainly focus on mountaineers in this paper and shows that mountaineers have a strong impact on the analysis. For wind data, a simple threshold classifier can be used, which indicates wind influences based on the wind speed. Paper, , In the following two subsections, we describe applications for triggered recording and applica- tions for on-line data processing. However, these earlier seismic arrays were concerned almost exclu- sively with studying teleseismic events. HUB tr.

Crusta1 dynamics and morphodynamics of the Western European rift system. Holocene movements and the state of stress in the Rhinegraben rift system. The Quaternary uplift of the Rhenish shield in Germany. In: McGetchin, T. Plateau uplift: mode and mechanism.


Read the latest chapters of Advances in Geophysics at, Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. Title, Principles and Applications of Microearthquake Networks Advances in geophysics: Supplement, ISSN Volume 2 of Supplement], [Advances in.

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