Quantum Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems

Molecular dynamics
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Quantum Modeling of Complex Molecular Systems | clesribacondown.ga

Much current activity is directed at developing methods to tackle quantum dynamics in many dimensions, including dissipative phenomena, often with the aim of interpreting and predicting experimental observations based upon ultrafast spectroscopic techniques. Treatments of interest include multiconfigurational methods, semiclassical and mixed quantum-classical approaches, various trajectory- based strategies, and density matrix methods.

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Of special interest are the connections between quantum dynamical and quantum statistical aspects. The aim of this workshop is to bring together workers in this field, to discuss new theory concepts, methods, and phenomena.

Quantum Modeling of Complex Molecular Systems

Quantum Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems. Classical Dynamics. Elementary Methods of Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Classical Mechanics: Dynamics. Classical and Quantum Information. Classical and Quantum Chaos.

Preliminary list of participants:

One of the present challenges of molecular-level theory is to extend to complex molecular systems (i.e., those with many degrees of freedom). Quantum phenomena are ubiquitous in complex molecular systems - as revealed by many experimental observations based upon ultrafast spectroscopic.

Chaos: Classical and quantum. The quantum classical theory. Numerical quantum dynamics. Quantum dynamics with trajectories. Regensburg Matter wave transport through waveguides with disorder JM Rost. November Atomic Physics Workshop December 11 a.

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  2. Simulating the vibrational quantum dynamics of molecules using photonics!
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Dirk K. Morr Chicago Nanoscale structures and novel quantum phenomena in correlated electron systems I Eremin May Olivier Sigwarth Univ.

http://magim.ru/scripts/dayton/3477.php Bayreuth Weak localization of light in cold atoms with a magnetic field A Buchleitner May Holger Waalkens Univ. Bristol Phase space conduits for reaction in multi-dimensional systems: HCN isomerization in three dimensions K Kruse 1. Basel Phonon-assisted cotunneling through quantum dots JM Rost June Andreas Komnik Univ.

Quantum Dynamics: Heisenberg Picture

Freiburg Transport properties of Luttinger liquids and single-wall carbon nanotubes F Grossmann June H. July Ingrid Rotter Pier A.

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Mello Statistical study of the conductance and shot noise in open quantum-chaotic cavities July Baerbel Rethfeld Univ. Essen Nonequilibrium dynamics of electrons in laser-excited solids JM Rost August Roland Wester Univ. Freiburg Ultracold atom-molecule collisions inside an optical trap J Brand October Michael Bonitz Univ. Kiel Strongly correlated classical and quantum charged particles in trapping potentials T Pattard December Rafael Gutierrez Univ.

December Seminar Complex Dynamics January Seminar Complex Dynamics Stuttgart Bose-Einstein condensation of chromium: A novel quantum gas with tunable long and short-range interaction T Pattard 9.

Saalmann May Seminar Complex Dynamics Becker June Matthias Wollenhaupt Univ. Kassel New strategies for quantum control: Intense laser fields and polarization shaping U. Saalmann Thursday June Gerd Roepke Univ.

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Rostock The dielectric function of strongly coupled Coulomb systems in related quantities: Conductivity, absorption, bremsstrahlung JM Rost June Seminar Complex Dynamics Buchleitner July Italo Guarneri Univ. September Michael E. Kellman University of Oregon Classical phase space structure and quantum dynamics in molecules and coupled Bose-Einstein condensates J.

Quantum Chemistry for Studying Electronic Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems

In this case, quantum tunneling is important for the hydrogen, as it determines the reaction rate. One run of an MD simulation optimizes the potential energy , rather than the free energy of the protein [ dubious — discuss ] , meaning that all entropic contributions to thermodynamic stability of protein structure are neglected, including the conformational entropy of the polypeptide chain the main factor that destabilizes protein structure and hydrophobic effects the main driving forces of protein folding. The application to system—bath problems to be described below represents just one possible problem where the method applies; further applications can be found in the original research papers and in the extensive review literature [ 16 ]. It is still a general-purpose method that can handle different kinds of quantum dynamical problems, and it is obtained from Eq. June October Seminar Complex Dynamics 5. Computer Simulation of Liquids 2nd ed.

Brand October Vincent Brems Univ. Bonn Resonance overlapping in molecular predissociation I. Rotter October Seminar Complex Dynamics 5. JM Rost November J.

Stockburger Univ.