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Two Viking Boat Graves—With a Warrior Inside—Found in Sweden
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To the S of the Gustavianum stands Trinity Church Trefaldighetskyr-kan , the oldest parts of which date from the 12th c.

Its greatest treasure in the display collection to the right of the entrance is the famous Codex Argen-teus, probably written at Ravenna in the reign of Theodoric the Great 6th c. It contains the translation of the Gospels by the Gothic bishop, Wulfila or Ulfilas d.

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The oldest Swedish printed book is dated From the bastions there are fine views of the town and surrounding countryside. Behind the Castle is a bust of Gustavus Vasa by Fogelberg , surrounded by cannon. Carl von Linne , known as Linnaeus, devised the technical language of Uppsala Gamla. Royal burial mounds botany and the Linnaean system published in of botanical nomenclature, the binomial system which is still in use. The little church of undressed stone is a remnant of the former Cathedral, built about Three large burial mounds, thought to date from the 6th c.

From a low hill to the E, the Tingshog, the kings addressed their people. In the Odinsborg Inn, visitors can drink mead from silver-mounted drinking horns. To the N is the open-air museum of Disagirden, with old houses from the surrounding area. The first episcopal see in the land of the Svear and a busy trading town in its early days, Sigtuna declined in importance when the bishop moved his residence to Uppsala in In , the town was attacked by the Estonians and set on fire.

It took Sigtuna five centuries to recover a measure of prosperity.

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The founding of a Dominican monastery in marked the beginning of its revival. The main street, Stora Gatan, follows the same lines it did around , as was shown by the discovery of the old road 3 m 10 ft below the present ground level.

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Excavated material, including remains of the earliest buildings on this site, can be seen in the Museum in Lilia Torget. Nearby stands the 13th c. In the choir is a fine 1 5th c.

marcfaggionato.com/images/programma/2012.php To the W of the town is the Sigtuna Foundation , with a Lutheran folk high school and a guest-house. Skokloster Castle was originally a Cistercian abbey, founded in The abbey, with the exception ofthe church, was demolished in The architect was first de la Vallee and later Tessin the Elder.

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For full details: see below. The stone was moved from its original location in to allow construction on a military training area, and is currently in the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm. CaSiO 3. Uppsala was the site of a pagan temple, which was torn down in the late 11th century, as Christianity arrived. A griffin is a heraldic fabulous animal with a forepart of the body as an eagle and the abdomen of a lion. The province escutcheon has a silver reindeer. Abstracts that do not comply may require re-submission.

The castle, built of brick, is an imposing Baroque pile on a quadrangularplan vyith an octagonal tower at each corner. The interior, well preserved, is richly decorated, with fine stucco, wall and ceiling paintings and collections of pictures and weapons.

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The last time such a grave was excavated in the region, which is located almost 50 miles north of Stockholm, was almost 50 years ago, according to archaeologist Anton Seiler, who works with Arkeologerna. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

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This Day In History. A seemingly routine excavation yielded stunning results. Viking 'Drinking Hall' Uncovered in Scotland. The Most Amazing Historical Discoveries of