The Ring of Charon

The Ring of Charon: Hunted Earth, Book 1 (Unabridged)
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  • CHARON ring
  • CHARON ring

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    Please save your downvotes for covers and links that you don't think belong here. Although sf authors did not first think of ice on the moon, or ice on the poles, this is a nice effort to bring the discussion to sf readers.

    The first signs of polar ice had not been noticed until human settlement on the Moon was well advanced. Some thought it was all there as a result of human activity, water vapor leaking out of life-support systems on the Moon and the nearby habitats.


    The theory rather vaguely suggested the water was transported to the Lunar poles and deposited there. Other theories held that the ice was natural and cyclic, appearing and vanishing in a very long-term pattern that had nothing to do with humans.

    Published by Tor in Additional resources - Ice in polar lunar craters? Murray, and Harrison Brown in Water was actually found in , well before any permanent habitats, by the lunar spacecraft Chandrayaan Thanks to L. In an instant the Earth disappears and the invaders begin to dismantle the planets to create a Dyson Sphere. This book is a perfect look at how far our technology can take us, and how dangerous technology can become.

    LibraryThing member superant. I took this book up after finishing another series by the same author. I liked the other series, obviously, and while this is different, it is interesting to me.

    This story involves a violent conflict between two cultures. However, one participant in the struggle does not realize there is a battle going on. This book is heavily immersed in space science. Gravity and other astrophysics terms are mentioned on every page.

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